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The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
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Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. It is the place where pride is abandoned, hope is lifted, and supplication is made.

Prayer is the place of admitting our need, of adopting humility, and acknowledging our dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of all peoples from all over the world. Prayer is the exercise of faith and hope. Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the eternal.

Draw near to Me and I shall draw near to you,
for I am the source that you seek.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds.

In Your mercy, hear our prayers.

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Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
An anonymous requester
 07-12-2018 @ 09:11:27 AM


Please help us keep our students and get new ones. Please send warrior angels to get our company out of debt. Please bind any enemies from getting hired in Jesus name Amen God please only let holy angels get hired in Jesus name Amen

God please bind any enemies from moving into the for sale house in Jesus name Amen God please only let holy angels live there in Jesus name Amen

God please help me start my own logo website company.

God bless my best friend midnight for saving my life.

God please lead me down the right path, cuz I don't have a lot of good influence. Mostly people try to get me to do bad stuff. Even with hardly any good influence, please lead me down the right path God to moving to Alaska and owning a logo company.

Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
An anonymous requester
 07-12-2018 @ 08:31:00 AM

Christians, please pray with me:
Heavenly Father, I come asking forgiveness and mercy upon me and upon so many on my heart today. I praise and thank You for all our miracles and blessings. I lay my life at Your feet. I pray You will cause the enemy to flee from me today and from so many on my heart. Jesus, thank You for our miracles and answered prayers...most of all- for our salvation. I pray all on my heart will be saved. I lay before You today a young man, NBM, as You know his pain/trials at this time. His life looks bleak before men- but I know You have the best plan for him. Deliver him from enemies and evil...hold him warmly in Your hands on his special birthday. Help his family cope and rely on You. Deliver him i I Ray. I lift up our family...thanking You for them...and asking special travel mercies...thanking You for all You have brought home safely already. You know the issues in our lives and I pray for the right answers to come swiftly and for our lives to always reflect You. Father, please hold us all tightly and let live never fail our family. I pray for me the young man who accepted You a few days ago that he will find the right fellowship to help him. I pray for love to abide in our family members and compassion. I pray that each person will encounter more Christ-like people and live as Your Word says to us. I pray for my friends and family...all hurting today. May lives feel Your touch today and honor/serve You. I pray in Jesusí name and by Your precious blood, amen. Thank You, Lord....

Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
 07-12-2018 @ 08:11:06 AM

Pray God shows us the path to remove the burden of the 10 yr debt & 2 land projects. We pray for the dept to be removed without loosing our current home, my marriage, our health, & what little retirement we have or the ability to have a future or future retirement. The project we hoped would pay off a portion of debt was thrown out. So God must have another path for us. My husband feels like a failure, getting free of this debt will restore his faith in himself and his ability to take care of us. Please pray God show us the path. Feeling lost. Blessings.
Praise Offering  

Submitted by:
Susan lee
 07-12-2018 @ 07:37:46 AM

I pray that Joe cult will pay d&l family automotive the money on 173.00 So I can pick up my Ford explorer . Today in Jesus name amen.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Susan lee
 07-12-2018 @ 07:29:19 AM

Moe Lee my husband bought me a 2011 Buick lerern Jan 2018 from Colt Chey in Pecos Texas. We have only had the car for 6 months and when we got the. Car it had 42.000 miles well now it has 64.000 .the transmission went out and we still owe 10.000 on it .I had to have it towed yesterday now the moter blew up.i have no car and the place I bought it from doesn't want to help me.I called GMC Buick and they said they would help pay for it. I live 47 mile from and store .I can't go to work I need a new engine in Jesus name amen my name is Susan lee
Praise Offering  

Submitted by:
Susan lee
 07-12-2018 @ 07:18:11 AM

I need prayer for my daughter Desiree Reed .She has so much hate.and so me.she is 29 and lives off my money she needs to get a job.I pray for help for her.I love her but can't stand her fowel mouth. I want her to stop being lazy and do something g with her life and lay off achole in Jesus name.amen
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
David Carlson H.H.P.H.
 07-12-2018 @ 06:53:52 AM

Please pray for everyone at Conway Chevrolet in Pepperell, Massachusetts, for happiness, health, peace and harmony-Gods will be done. Amen! and Amen!!
Thank you for your prayers and may you be Blessed by God Most High!!!!!!!
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
David Carlson H.H.P.H.
 07-12-2018 @ 06:45:17 AM

Please pray for our Mother Earth and for our Father in Heaven to help us to redeem ourselves.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
An anonymous requester
 07-12-2018 @ 06:36:09 AM

Dear God

I dont know what to do - I have advertise in every way possible - but no one is responding to my car park. I need a miracle as I am losing monies each week as no one is taking over the spot.

O lord why is this so difficult - can you send someone soon

Thank you Jesus
Praise Offering  

Submitted by:
christie kirk
 07-12-2018 @ 02:03:22 AM

My close friends father is on life support fighting for another day please pray for him to pull thru this for his grandbabies

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